The Dartford Beekeepers' apiary

The apiary is located in the corner of the Tredegar Allotments, Dartford. The site can be reached via the access road at the end of King Edward Avenue DA1 2HY, where there is a parking area (busy at weekends in Summer) or via the footpath on the right at the end of Marcet Road DA1 3AH, where there is very limited parking. During club meetings there will be someone avaiable to open the gates, otherwise access must be arranged through one of the apiary managers.

Contact information
Chairman James Knights 07932 163619
Vice chairman Sam Charlton 07771 912779
Secretary Courtney Joseph 07899 821972
Treasurer Alan English 07581 899061
Apiary manager John Young 07463 742646
Apiary manager Steve Smith 07836 357162
Committee member Helen Furness 07855 639528
Committee member Steve Pritchards 07902 845401