Course for beginner beekeepers

Each year we host a course for beginner beekeepers, which teaches all of the necessary information to prepare a novice for the British Beekeepers Association basic assessment. It has hitherto been a course run through the Winter with ten theory sessions and two practical sessions in the Spring when the colonies start to become active.

We have run a course with two all-day sessions over the Summer, and this format proved successful so we shall be repeating it for our course this Winter.

Anyone interested in learning beekeeping should contact Alan English mobile: 07581 899061

Description of the course

The course will be of interest to those who wish to learn more about the various species of Bee and their relationship to the environment. How they can be kept, and for those who wish to do so, the equipment required, its use and the procedures will be explained. Those who have kept bees for a period of at least 12 months will find the contents of the course to be sufficient for taking the BBKA Basic Examination with confidence.

Topics Covered

Session 1 Introduction to the course and beekeeping
Session 2 The colony
Session 3 The hive
Session 4 Beekeeping in history
Session 5 The beekeeping year
Session 6 Queens
Session 7 Swarms
Session 8 Pests and diseases
Session 9 Bee plants and hive products
Session 10 Getting started